IDA Pro ‘¡Viva la Revolución!’ shirts are back!

The IDA Pro [1] “¡Viva la Revolución!” t-shirt is back by popular demand!

Originally I made a small run of shirts in 2006 which I gave away to friends.

For people that attended recon this year, you may have spotted the special edition speaker shirt. The special edition was something Hugo and I had wanted to do for some time.

For those that did not get the opportunity to speak at recon, you can get the classic IDA Pro T-shirt at this year’s BlackHat/Defcon while helping out the EFF.

The shirts

The shirt use American Apparel t-shirts. These are high quality t-shirts which in my opinion use a better cut than standard cut boxier shirts. They do not use sweatshops to manufacture their products and as such the cost is higher.

Cost and EFF donation

$5 from every shirt purchased will go to the EFF. Thanks to Jennifer Granick for helping to make this happen.

I am not in the business of making t-shirts and wanted proceeds to go somewhere that benefited reverse engineers.

The exact cost of the shirt is still to be determined. Shirt prices have gone up considerably since the original run. The estimated price will be around $22. This includes $5 donation to the EFF. The rest of the price covers shirts, printing, delivery to Vegas and small amount to make up for loss due to damaged or unsold shirts. As seen here, the shirts in single quantity with no printing are $17.

Larger sizes, 2XL and 3XL, cost more. I believe it is $2-$3 more per shirt.

Women’s Shirts

Unfortunately, Women’s shirts cost more than the equivalent Men’s shirts. I made some Women’s t-shirts on the original run and would love to make more. I have been quoted approximately $25-$28 (including the $5 EFF donation) for the minimum order of 6. The price goes down with a larger order. I will print Women’s shirts on a preorder basis.

Update: The minimum order quantity has been reached!

Original t-shirt

I came up with the concept of shirt and k8em0 worked on the graphics. The original run was during BlackHat/Defcon in 2006.

I wanted to make a non-black (srsly, we have too many black t-shirts) reversing shirt. The design blends the IDA Pro icon (public domain) with the concept of REvolucion. REvolucion is the freedom that reverse engineering gives us to be a code/bit voyeur and the power to take things apart despite other’s best intentions to prevent us. Or maybe that’s all BS and it’s just a cool looking shirt ;)

Pre order

Do you want a t-shirt? Please let me know ASAP. I will place an order on Tuesday July 20th.

The prices will be based on how many responses I get. I will most likely get some extras but whoever emails me first will get first dibs. Get a shirt for your whole team!

I am NOT taking any money at this time. I will be at BlackHat/Security Bsides and Defcon through Saturday. I will be sending email to whomever preorders, on when and where to meet up as well as the final price.


Don’t know your size? Try one on.

[1] IDA Pro is a Disassembler produced by Hex-Rays SA in Belgium

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